We believe device couture is a form of decorative arts and we take art seriously. The designers we work with not only work well, they have a passion for what they do and that really shows. We always share our earnings with them (remember, the one who shares, also receives). And it's a good way for you to earn some karma points too by purchasing one or more of our creations!

We are located in the middle of Europe. And by that, we mean almost the exact geographical midpoint! That is why we are always in the middle of inspirations from all four cardinal directions, not forgetting it's very comfortable for us to serve the whole old continent. We do, however, ship anywhere (so lucky you).



There is a great band called Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd street Rhythm Band. They are known for a song called "Express yourself" - two words now became a timeless urban saying to live by.



We bet you are the coolest around (you wouldn't be here otherwise). Stylish, witty, funky, catching everyone's eye when walking down the street! And you know a lot about tech – slimmest laptop, a few tablets and a smartphone in your pocket: that's the survival kit!


THE "Typical Story of You"



There comes a time when you gaze at your devices just to find them so plain boring. A black phone, uninspiring grey laptop cover... You forgot the essential rule of your existence – expressing yourself to the max, how could you!

Yep, you need some device couture. That's when we step into the light. Turn your apparatus from blah to WOW with our help!